Talk to the professionals at Advanced Voice and Data Networks Inc. to find out how we can build you a voice and data network from the ground up using the fastest and most advanced cabling solutions available today.


Advanced can show you a structured cabling/modular configuration that will save you time and money in years to come. We will offer advice on communication room design and provide equipment that will save space and add efficiency.


We will provide you with fibre optic backbone cables professionally installed and terminated. Multi-mode fibre is the fastest solution with the greatest bandwidth availability for connecting communications rooms over 300 feet/90 metres apart inside a facility. Single-module fibre is the perfect solution for outside plant connections between buildings, whether across the street or across town.


Do you need internet everywhere you go? Are your employees often moving around while working? From quick meetings to working in group spaces, wireless networks are the best way to go for a mobile workplace. Whether you need wireless access points within your facility or a wireless bridge to extend your network to another building, we have the technology and expertise to get the job done


Wireless access point, racking, cable management, power management, shelves, patch panels and more. Let us use our expertise to provide you with the right equipment for your communications room, LAN room or data centre.